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Qingjuan Sun
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
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    Harmony and Solitude: A Comparative Study of Confucianism and Metz’s Relational Ethics.Qingjuan Sun - forthcoming - Ethical Theory and Moral Practice:1-14.
    By introducing Confucian relational ethics, this essay engages critically with Metz’s deontological relational moral theory from a comparative perspective. It first points out the similarities that Confucianism and Metz’s African ethics share in emphasizing relationality and harmony. Then, this essay reveals the theoretical deficiency in Metz’s relational moral theory compared to Confucianism; that is, the former lacks the concern for solitary cultivation which is essential for one’s cultivation and development. This essay is also less optimistic about a universal ethical system (...)
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    比较视域下的不可通约价值抉择:罗蒂模式、伯林模式与儒道互补.Qingjuan Sun & Chenyang Li - 2020 - 东南大学学报 22 (4):31-40.
    针对价值抉择难题存在不同的解决模式,以比较的视野检视几种有代表性 的模式,可以更加直观地展示它们的优缺点,从相对意义上凸显出当下存在的更为有效的 解决方案。 首先是罗蒂的自我实现与公民同胞等量齐观模式,此模式过于依赖个人与社 会两个领域的简单区分,同时也低估了不同诉求之间的张力;其次是伯林的不同价值体系 非此即彼模式,此模式夸大了不同价值体系的截然对立,错误地认为互有张力的价值不能 在同一价值体系里共存;最后是更具可行性的儒道互补模式,此模式重新解读儒道互补, 通过价值配置的方式解决了不可通约价值之间的张力问题,它允许多元价值体系的共存 和互补,从而有助于相辅相成地达成个人生活与社会的和谐。.
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    Revisiting the Internal-External Issue of Ren and Yi: In and beyond Mengzi 6A:4.Qingjuan Sun - 2020 - Philosophy East and West 70 (2):506-521.
    The internal-external issue of ren 仁 and yi 義 concerning whether ren and yi are internal or external is traceable to the Warring States period. One of the most famous recorded debates happened between Gaozi and Mengzi in Mengzi 6A:4. In the existing literature it is generally believed that Gaozi holds that ren is "nei" 內 and yi is "wai" 外, whereas Mengzi contends that both ren and yi are "nei."1 However, this assertion has two problems that I aim to (...)
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