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    F. M. Akeroyd, D. Baird, T. Benfey, P. Duhem, R. B. King, J. Kovac, J. G. Mcevoy, J. Morrell, R. K. Nesbet & J. L. Ramsey (2000). Authors Index Volume 2. Foundations of Chemistry 2 (265).
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    R. Bruce King (2000). The Role of Mathematics in the Experimental/Theoretical/Computational Trichotomy of Chemistry. Foundations of Chemistry 2 (3):221-236.
    The drastically increasing availability ofmodern computers coupled with the equally drasticallylower cost of a given amount of computer power inrecent years has resulted in the evolution of thetraditional experimental/theoretical dichotomy inchemistry into anexperimental/theoretical/computational trichotomy. This trichotomy can be schematically represented by atriangle with experimental,theoretical, and computational chemistry at the threevertices. The ET and EC edges of the ETC triangledepict the uses of theoretical and computationalchemistry, respectively, to predict and interpretexperimental results. The TC edge depicts therelationship between theoretical and computationalchemistry. Mathematics (...)
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    R. B. King & D. H. Rouvray (2006). Response of D. H. Rouvray and R. B. King, Editors of the Book “the Periodic Table: Into the 21st Century”. [REVIEW] Foundations of Chemistry 8 (3):305-306.
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    R. B. King (1973). Definition and Empirical Research. Educational Philosophy and Theory 5 (1):37–42.
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