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    Hallucinations: Synchronisation of thalamocortical ? oscillations underconstrained by sensory input.R. P. Behrendt - 2003 - Consciousness and Cognition 12 (3):413-451.
    What we perceive is the product of an intrinsic process and not part of external physical reality. This notion is consistent with the philosophical position of transcendental idealism but also agrees with physiological findings on the thalamocortical system. -Frequency rhythms of discharge activity from thalamic and cortical neurons are facilitated by cholinergic arousal and resonate in thalamocortical networks, thereby transiently forming assemblies of coherent oscillations under constraints of sensory input and prefrontal attentional mechanisms. Perception and conscious experience may be based (...)
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  2. Faw, Bill, 83 Flach, Rudiger, 620.Nicolas Franck, Gisa Aschersleben, Talis Bachmann, Simona F. Baracaia, Barbara H. Basden, David R. Basden, R. P. Behrendt, Sarah-Jayne Blakemore, Richard A. Bryant & Alfred Buck - 2003 - Consciousness and Cognition 12:784-785.
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  3. Barbara H. Basden, David R. Basden, and Matthew J. Wright. Part-list reexposure and release of.J. P. Maxwell, R. S. W. Masters, F. F. Eves, R. P. Behrendt, Jonathan M. Smallwood, Simona F. Baracaia, Michelle Lowe & Marc Obonsawin - 2003 - Consciousness and Cognition 12:320.