1. Informed Consent. History.T. L. Beauchamp & R. R. Faden - forthcoming - Encyclopedia of Bioethics.
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    A randomized trial of ethics education for medical house officers.D. P. Sulmasy, G. Geller, D. M. Levine & R. R. Faden - 1993 - Journal of Medical Ethics 19 (3):157-163.
    We report the results of a randomized trial to assess the impact of an innovative ethics curriculum on the knowledge and confidence of 85 medical house officers in a university hospital programme, as well as their responses to a simulated clinical case. Twenty-five per cent of the house officers received a lecture series, 25 per cent received lectures and case conferences, with an ethicist in attendance, and 50 per cent served as controls. A post-intervention questionnaire was administered. Knowledge scores did (...)
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  3. The Right to Health and the Right to Health Care.T. L. Beauchamp & R. R. Faden - 1979 - Journal of Medicine and Philosophy 4 (2):118-131.
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    Bioethics and professionalism in popular television medical dramas.M. J. Czarny, R. R. Faden & J. Sugarman - 2010 - Journal of Medical Ethics 36 (4):203-206.
    Television medical dramas sometimes depict medical professionalism and bioethical issues, but their nature and extent are unclear. The authors systematically analysed the bioethical and professionalism content of one season each of Grey's Anatomy and House M.D., two of the most popular current television medical dramas. The results indicate that these programmes are rife with powerful portrayals of bioethical issues and egregious deviations from the norms of professionalism and contain exemplary depictions of professionalism to a much lesser degree.
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    Women's views about participating in research while pregnant.A. D. Lyerly, E. E. Namey, B. Gray, G. Swamy & R. R. Faden - 2012 - IRB: Ethics & Human Research 34 (4):1-8.
    Pregnant women and their interests have been underrepresented in health research. Little is known about issues relevant to women considering research participation during pregnancy. We performed in-depth interviews with 22 women enrolled in either one of two trials sponsored by the National Institutes of Health to assess the safety and immunogenicity of the H1N1 vaccine during pregnancy. Three themes characterized women’s decisions to participate in research: they valued early access to the vaccine, they perceived a safety advantage when participating in (...)
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    Professional Healthcare Workers’ Attitudes Toward Treating Patients with Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis.J. Sugarman, P. Terry, R. R. Faden, D. E. Holmes, L. Fogarty & R. E. Pyeritz - 1996 - Journal of Clinical Ethics 7 (3):222-227.
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