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    Elder Abuse and Mistreatment in Residential Settings.Radka Bužgová & Kateřina Ivanová - 2009 - Nursing Ethics 16 (1):110-126.
    Older people living in a residential setting have the right to respectful care based on professional ethics. The aim of this study was to describe employees' and clients' lived experiences of elder abuse. A qualitative phenomenological method was used with 26 employees and 20 residents from four homes for elderly people in the town of Ostrava, Czech Republic, and two managers from outside these institutions. All complaints about elder abuse (n 5 11) received by Ostrava Municipal Authority during the period (...)
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    Violation of Ethical Principles in Institutional Care for Older People.Radka Bužgová & Kateřina Ivanová - 2011 - Nursing Ethics 18 (1):64-78.
    This study focuses on issues of elder abuse in residential settings. Violation of ethical principles is shown in the results of this quantitative study aimed at defining the extent, nature and causes of such abuse by employees’ unethical conduct towards clients in senior homes (i.e. residential nursing homes) in the Moravian-Silesian region of the Czech Republic. The research sample comprised 454 employees and 488 clients from 12 residential homes for older people. The data were collected from interviews with clients, who (...)
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    Polemics on Ethical Aspects in the Compost Business.Josef Maroušek, Simona Hašková, Robert Zeman, Jaroslav Žák, Radka Vaníčková, Anna Maroušková, Jan Váchal & Kateřina Myšková - 2016 - Science and Engineering Ethics 22 (2):581-590.
    This paper focuses on compost use in overpasses and underpasses for wild animals over roads and other similar linear structures. In this context, good quality of compost may result in faster and more resistant vegetation cover during the year. Inter alia, this can be interpreted also as reduction of damage and saving lives. There are millions of tones of plant residue produced every day worldwide. These represent prospective business for manufacturers of compost additives called “accelerators”. The opinions of the sale (...)
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    Managerial Preferences in Relation to Financial Indicators Regarding the Mitigation of Global Change.Josef Maroušek, Simona Hašková, Robert Zeman & Radka Vaníčková - 2015 - Science and Engineering Ethics 21 (1):203-207.
    Biochar is a soil—improving substrate made from phytomass pyrolysis. In Southeast Asia, its application decreases due to the long-term growth of biochar cost and thus caused further prolongation of the payback period. In the Euro-American civilization the biochar application is already almost forgotten once it has been much earlier recognized that the crop yields can be increased much faster with higher doses of nutrients and other agrochemicals. The payback period can be expected in decades. Such a long-time investment into soil (...)
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    Personalized Cognitive Training in Unipolar and Bipolar Disorder: A Study of Cognitive Functioning.Marek Preiss, Evelyn Shatil, Radka Čermáková, Dominika Cimermanová & Ilana Ram - 2013 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 7.
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    Space in Abstract Expressionism.Radka Zagoroff Donnell - 1964 - Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 23 (2):239-249.
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