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    Visual awareness and anisometry of space representation in unilateral neglect: A panoramic investigation by means of a line extension task.Edoardo Bisiach, Raffaella Ricci & Marco Neppi Mòdona - 1998 - Consciousness and Cognition 7 (3):327-355.
    Ninety-one right brain-damaged patients with left neglect and 43 right brain-damaged patients without neglect were asked to extend horizontal segments, either left- or rightward, starting from their right or left endpoints, respectively. Earlier experiments based on similar tasks had shown, in left neglect patients, a tendency to overextend segments toward the left side. This seemingly paradoxical phenomenon was held to undermine current explanations of unilateral neglect. The results of the present extensive research demonstrate that contralesional overextension is also evident in (...)
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    Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation of Posterior Parietal Cortex Modulates Line-Length Estimation but Not Illusory Depth Perception.Adriana Salatino, Gaetana Chillemi, Federica Gontero, Marisa Poncini, Maria Pyasik, Anna Berti & Raffaella Ricci - 2019 - Frontiers in Psychology 10.
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    Rating the Intensity of a Laser Stimulus, but Not Attending to Changes in Its Location or Intensity Modulates the Laser-Evoked Cortical Activity.Diana M. E. Torta, Marco Ninghetto, Raffaella Ricci & Valéry Legrain - 2020 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 14.
  4. A Hardcastle, Valerie Gray, 173 Pauen, Michael, 202 Peters, Madelon L., 27 Heywood, CA, 410 Azzopardi, Paul, 292 Hirshman, Elliot, 103 Hobson, J. Allan, 67 R B. [REVIEW]Valerie Huemer, Cristina Ramponi, Talis Bachmann, G. Keith Humphrey, Antti Revonsuo, Marlene Behrmann, Raffaella Ricci, Neil Binder, Edoardo Bisiach & Marc Jeannerod - 1998 - Consciousness and Cognition 7:647.