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    Dirk Hartmann & Rainer Lange (2000). Epistemology Culturalized. Journal for General Philosophy of Science / Zeitschrift für Allgemeine Wissenschaftstheorie 31 (1):75-107.
    The anti-metaphysical intentions of naturalism can be respected without abandoning the project of a normative epistemology. The central assumptions of naturalism imply that (1.) the distinction between action and behaviour is spurious, and (2.) epistemology cannot continue to be a normative project. Difficulties with the second implication have been adressed by Normative Naturalism, but without violating the naturalistic consensus, it can only appreciate means-end-rationality. However, this does not suffice to justify its own implicit normative pretensions. According to our diagnosis, naturalism (...)
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  2. Dirk Hartmann & Rainer Lange (1999). Ist der erkenntnistheoretische Naturalismus gescheitert? In Gerd Keil & Herbert Schnädelbach (eds.), Naturalismus. Philosophische Beiträge. Suhrkamp. pp. 144-162.