1.  24
    Tuning a Ménage À Trois: Co‐Evolution and Co‐Adaptation of Nuclear and Organellar Genomes in Plants.Stephan Greiner & Ralph Bock - 2013 - Bioessays 35 (4):354-365.
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    Reconstructing Evolution: Gene Transfer From Plastids to the Nucleus.Ralph Bock & Jeremy N. Timmis - 2008 - Bioessays 30 (6):556-566.
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    Why Are Most Organelle Genomes Transmitted Maternally?Stephan Greiner, Johanna Sobanski & Ralph Bock - 2015 - Bioessays 37 (1):80-94.
    Why the DNA‐containing organelles, chloroplasts, and mitochondria, are inherited maternally is a long standing and unsolved question. However, recent years have seen a paradigm shift, in that the absoluteness of uniparental inheritance is increasingly questioned. Here, we review the field and propose a unifying model for organelle inheritance. We argue that the predominance of the maternal mode is a result of higher mutational load in the paternal gamete. Uniparental inheritance evolved from relaxed organelle inheritance patterns because it avoids the spread (...)
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