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    Decolonizing both researcher and research and its effectiveness in Indigenous research.Ranjan Datta - 2018 - Research Ethics 14 (2):1-24.
    How does one decolonize and reclaim the meanings of research and researcher, particularly in the context of Western research? Indigenous communities have long experienced oppression by Western researchers. Is it possible to build a collaborative research knowledge that is culturally appropriate, respectful, honoring, and careful of the Indigenous community? What are the challenges in Western research, researchers, and Western university methodology research training? How have ‘studies’ – critical anti-racist theory and practice, cross-cultural research methodology, critical perspectives on environmental justice, and (...)
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    Ethical and Equitable Digital Health Research: Ensuring Self-Determination in Data Governance for Racialized Communities.Mozharul Islam, Arafaat A. Valiani, Ranjan Datta, Mohammad Chowdhury & Tanvir C. Turin - forthcoming - Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics:1-11.
    Recent studies highlight the need for ethical and equitable digital health research that protects the rights and interests of racialized communities. We argue for practices in digital health that promote data self-determination for these communities, especially in data collection and management. We suggest that researchers partner with racialized communities to curate data that reflects their wellness understandings and health priorities, and respects their consent over data use for policy and other outcomes. These data governance approach honors and builds on Indigenous (...)
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