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    Decidability and Specker Sequences in Intuitionistic Mathematics.Mohammad Ardeshir & Rasoul Ramezanian - 2009 - Mathematical Logic Quarterly 55 (6):637-648.
    A bounded monotone sequence of reals without a limit is called a Specker sequence. In Russian constructive analysis, Church's Thesis permits the existence of a Specker sequence. In intuitionistic mathematics, Brouwer's Continuity Principle implies it is false that every bounded monotone sequence of real numbers has a limit. We claim that the existence of Specker sequences crucially depends on the properties of intuitionistic decidable sets. We propose a schema about intuitionistic decidability that asserts “there exists an intuitionistic enumerable set that (...)
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    A Solution to the Surprise Exam Paradox in Constructive Mathematics.Mohammad Ardeshir & Rasoul Ramezanian - 2012 - Review of Symbolic Logic 5 (4):679-686.
    We represent the well-known surprise exam paradox in constructive and computable mathematics and offer solutions. One solution is based on Brouwer’s continuity principle in constructive mathematics, and the other involves type 2 Turing computability in classical mathematics. We also discuss the backward induction paradox for extensive form games in constructive logic.
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    The Double Negation of the Intermediate Value Theorem.Mohammad Ardeshir & Rasoul Ramezanian - 2010 - Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 161 (6):737-744.
    In the context of intuitionistic analysis, we consider the set consisting of all continuous functions from [0,1] to such that =0 and =1, and the set consisting of ’s in where there exists x[0,1] such that . It is well-known that there are weak counterexamples to the intermediate value theorem, and with Brouwer’s continuity principle we have . However, there exists no satisfying answer to . We try to answer to this question by reducing it to a schema about intuitionistic (...)
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    On the Constructive Notion of Closure Maps.Mohammad Ardeshir & Rasoul Ramezanian - 2012 - Mathematical Logic Quarterly 58 (4-5):348-355.
    Let A be a subset of the constructive real line. What are the necessary and sufficient conditions for the set A such that A is continuously separated from other reals, i.e., there exists a continuous function f with f−1 = A? In this paper, we study the notions of closed sets and closure maps in constructive reverse mathematics.
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