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  1. Semantic Structures.Ray S. Jackendoff - 1990 - Cambridge: MIT Press.
    Semantic Structures is a large-scale study of conceptual structure and its lexical and syntactic expression in English that builds on the theory of Conceptual...
  2. Semantics And Cognition.Ray S. Jackendoff - 1983 - Cambridge: MIT Press.
    This book emphasizes the role of semantics as a bridge between the theory of language and the theories of other cognitive capacities such as visual perception...
  3. Semantic Interpretation in Generative Grammar.Ray S. Jackendoff - 1975 - Foundations of Language 12 (4):561-582.
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  4. Patterns in the Mind: Language and Human Nature.Ray S. Jackendoff - 1994 - New York: Basic Books.
  5. How Language Helps Us Think.Ray S. Jackendoff - 1996 - Pragmatics and Cognition 4 (1):1-34.
    On formal and empirical grounds, the overt form of language cannot be the vehicle that the mind uses for reasoning. Nevertheless, we most frequently experience our thought as "inner speech". It is argued that inner speech aids thought by providing a "handle " for attention, making it possible to pay attention to relational and abstract aspects of thought, and thereby to process them with greater richness. Organisms lacking language have no modality of experience that provides comparable articulation of thought; hence (...)
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  6. Locating Meaning in the Mind (Where It Belongs).Ray S. Jackendoff - 2006 - In Robert J. Stainton (ed.), Contemporary Debates in Cognitive Science. Blackwell.
  7. Coercion in on-Line Semantic Processing.Brian McElree, Matthew J. Traxler, Martin J. Pickering, Ray S. Jackendoff & Rachel E. Seely - 2001 - Cognition 78:B17 - B25.
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    An Interpretive Theory of Negation.Ray S. Jackendoff - 1969 - Foundations of Language 5 (2):218-241.
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    Quantifiers in English.Ray S. Jackendoff - 1968 - Foundations of Language 4 (4):422-442.
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    A Reconsideration of Dative Movements.Ray S. Jackendoff & Peter Culicover - 1971 - Foundations of Language 7 (3):397-412.
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    Unconscious, Yes; Homunculus,???Ray S. Jackendoff - 2000 - Neuro-Psychoanalysis 2 (1):17-20.