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    Proof-Theoretic Validity.Read Stephen & Stephen Read - 2015 - In Foundations of Logical Consequence. Oxford, UK: pp. 136-158.
    The idea of proof-theoretic validity originated in the work of Gentzen, when he suggested that the meaning of each logical expression was encapsulated in its introduction-rules. The idea was developed by Prawitz and Dummett, but came under attack by Prior under the soubriquet 'analytic validity'. Logical truths and logical consequences are deemed analytically valid by virtue of following, in a way which the present chapter clarifies, from the meaning of the logical constants. But different logics are based on different rules, (...)
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    Early Post-Stroke Measures of Slowed Frontal Lobe Activity Can Help Predict Cognitive Outcomes.Schleiger Emma, Sheikh Nabeel, Rowland Tennille, Wong Andrew, Read Stephen & Finnigan Simon - 2015 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 9.
  3. Foundations of Logical Consequence.Read Stephen & Stephen Read - 2015
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