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    Contract Formation and Mistake in European Contract Law: A Genetic Comparison of Transnational Model Rules.Nils Jansen & Reinhard Zimmermann - 2011 - Oxford Journal of Legal Studies 31 (4):625-662.
    The article examines how the rules on formation of contract and on mistake, contained in the various transnational model rules that have been published over the past two decades, have taken shape. The approach adopted here is based on an analysis of the ‘textual stratification’ of European private law. The relevant instruments (Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods, Principles of European Contract Law, UNIDROIT Principles of International Commercial Contracts, Draft Common Frame of Reference, Principes contractuels communs) are (...)
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    The Common Frame of Reference for European Private Law—Policy Choices and Codification Problems.Horst Eidenmüller, Florian Faust, Hans Christoph Grigoleit, Nils Jansen, Gerhard Wagner & Reinhard Zimmermann - 2008 - Oxford Journal of Legal Studies 28 (4):659-708.
    At the beginning of the year, the Draft Common Frame of Reference (DCFR) was published. The text is the result of the work of a broad range of private law scholars from the Member States of the European Union, and it presents itself as an ‘academic’ document, committed to the precepts of scholarship rather than politics. Notwithstanding its unwieldy name, the text is nothing less than the draft of the central components of a European Civil Code. The following article aims (...)
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    Unjustified Enrichment: The Modern Civilian Approach.Reinhard Zimmermann - 1995 - Oxford Journal of Legal Studies 15 (3):403-429.