1.  28
    Things Happen: Individuals with High Obsessive–Compulsive Tendencies Omit Agency in Their Spoken Language.Ela Oren, Naama Friedmann & Reuven Dar - 2016 - Consciousness and Cognition 42:125-134.
  2.  29
    The Sense of Agency Scale: A Measure of Consciously Perceived Control Over One's Mind, Body, and the Immediate Environment.Adam Tapal, Ela Oren, Reuven Dar & Baruch Eitam - 2017 - Frontiers in Psychology 8.
  3.  63
    Obsessive–Compulsive Tendencies May Be Associated with Attenuated Access to Internal States: Evidence From a Biofeedback-Aided Muscle Tensing Task.Amit Lazarov, Reuven Dar, Nira Liberman & Yuval Oded - 2012 - Consciousness and Cognition 21 (3):1401-1409.
    The present study was motivated by the hypothesis that inputs from internal states in obsessive–compulsive individuals are attenuated, which could be one source of the pervasive doubting and checking in OCD. Participants who were high or low in OC tendencies were asked to produce specific levels of muscle tension with and without biofeedback, and their accuracy in producing the required muscle tension levels was assessed. As predicted, high OC participants performed more poorly than low OC participants on this task when (...)
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  4.  19
    Null Hypothesis Tests and Theory Corroboration: Defending NHSTP Out of Context.Reuven Dar - 1998 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 21 (2):196-197.
    Chow's defense of NHSTP ignores the fact that in psychology it is used to test substantive hypotheses in theory-corroborating research. In this role, NHSTP is not only inadequate, but damaging to the progress of psychology as a science. NHSTP does not fulfill the Popperian requirement that theories be tested severely. It also encourages nonspecific predictions and feeble theoretical formulations.
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  5.  9
    Washing Away Your Sins Will Set Your Mind Free: Physical Cleansing Modulates the Effect of Threatened Morality on Executive Control.Eyal Kalanthroff, Chen Aslan & Reuven Dar - 2017 - Cognition and Emotion 31 (1):185-192.
  6.  3
    Obsessive–Compulsive Tendencies Are Related to a Maximization Strategy in Making Decisions.Ela Oren, Reuven Dar & Nira Liberman - 2018 - Frontiers in Psychology 9.
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  7.  9
    An Ironic Effect of Monitoring Closeness.Oren Shapira, Ayelet Gundar-Goshen, Nira Liberman & Reuven Dar - 2013 - Cognition and Emotion 27 (8):1495-1503.