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    Understanding Coronary Atherosclerosis in Relation to Obesity: Is Getting the Distribution of Body Fatness Using Dual‐Energy X‐Ray Absorptiometry Worth the Effort? A Novel Perspective Using Bayesian Networks.Francesca Foltran, Paola Berchialla, Riccardo Bigi, Giuseppe Migliaretti, Alberto Bestetti & Dario Gregori - 2011 - Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice 17 (1):32-39.
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    Integrating Stress‐Related Ventricular Functional and Angiographic Data in Preventive Cardiology: A Unified Approach Implementing a Bayesian Network.Paola Berchialla, Francesca Foltran, Riccardo Bigi & Dario Gregori - 2012 - Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice 18 (3):637-643.
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    Non‐Invasive Risk Stratification of Coronary Artery Disease: An Evaluation of Some Commonly Used Statistical Classifiers in Terms of Predictive Accuracy and Clinical Usefulness.Dario Gregori, Riccardo Bigi, Lauro Cortigiani, Francesco Bovenzi, Cesare Fiorentini & Eugenio Picano - 2009 - Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice 15 (5):777-781.
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    Impact of Advanced Exercise ECG Analysis on Cost of Coronary Artery Disease Management.Riccardo Bigi, Alberto Ferrando, Eva Pagano, Lauro Cortigiani, Franco Merletti, Cesare Fiorentini & Dario Gregori - 2010 - Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice 16 (4):678-684.