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  1. The Triple Helix: Gene, Organism, and Environment.Richard C. Lewontin - 2000 - Harvard University Press.
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  2. Biology as Ideology: The Doctrine of Dna.Richard C. Lewontin - 1991 - Harperperennial.
    Following in the fashion of Stephen Jay Gould and Peter Medawar, one of the world's leading scientists examines how "pure science" is in fact shaped and guided by social and political needs and assumptions.
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    Artifact, Cause and Genic Selection.Elliott Sober & Richard C. Lewontin - 1982 - Philosophy of Science 49 (2):157-180.
    Several evolutionary biologists have used a parsimony argument to argue that the single gene is the unit of selection. Since all evolution by natural selection can be represented in terms of selection coefficients attaching to single genes, it is, they say, "more parsimonious" to think that all selection is selection for or against single genes. We examine the limitations of this genic point of view, and then relate our criticisms to a broader view of the role of causal concepts and (...)
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    Elementary Errors About Evolution.Richard C. Lewontin - 1983 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 6 (3):367.
  5. The Generational Cycle of State Spaces and Adequate Genetical Representation.Elisabeth A. Lloyd, Richard C. Lewontin & and Marcus W. Feldman - 2008 - Philosophy of Science 75 (2):140-156.
    Most models of generational succession in sexually reproducing populations necessarily move back and forth between genic and genotypic spaces. We show that transitions between and within these spaces are usually hidden by unstated assumptions about processes in these spaces. We also examine a widely endorsed claim regarding the mathematical equivalence of kin-, group-, individual-, and allelic-selection models made by Lee Dugatkin and Kern Reeve. We show that the claimed mathematical equivalence of the models does not hold. *Received January 2007; revised (...)
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    Clines Without Classes.Joan H. Fujimura, Deborah A. Bolnick, Ramya Rajagopalan, Jay S. Kaufman, Richard C. Lewontin, Troy Duster, Pilar Ossorio & Jonathan Marks - 2014 - Sociological Theory 32 (3):208-227.
    This article examines Shiao, Bode, Beyer, and Selvig’s (2012) arguments in their article “The Genomic Challenge to the Social Construction of Race” and finds that their claims are based on fundamentally flawed interpretations of current genetic research. We discuss current genomic and genetic knowledge about human biological variation to demonstrate why and how Shiao et al.’s recommendations for future sociological studies and social policy, based on their inadequate understanding of genomic methods and evidence, are similarly flawed and will lead sociology (...)
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    The Generational Cycle of State Spaces and Adequate Genetical Representation.Elisabeth A. Lloyd, Richard C. Lewontin & Marcus W. Feldman - 2008 - Philosophy of Science 75 (2):140-156.
  8. The Doctrine of Dna Biology as Ideology.Richard C. Lewontin - 1993
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  9. The Politics of Science.Richard C. Lewontin - forthcoming - New York Review of Books.
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    The Bases of Conflict in Biological Explanation.Richard C. Lewontin - 1969 - Journal of the History of Biology 2 (1):35-45.
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    Reply to Rosenberg on Genic Selectionism.Elliott Sober & Richard C. Lewontin - 1983 - Philosophy of Science 50 (4):648-650.
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    A la Recherche du Temps Perdu: A Review Essay.Richard C. Lewontin - 1996 - In Andrew Ross (ed.), Science Wars. Duke University Press. pp. 293--301.
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  13. Gene, Organismo E Ambiente I Rapporti Causa-Effetto in Biologia.Richard C. Lewontin - 1998
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    Science for the People.Richard C. Lewontin - 1977