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    Ethics and the Clinical Encounter. [REVIEW]Richard J. Baron & Richard Zaner - 1989 - Hastings Center Report 19 (1):41.
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  2. Medical hermeneutics: Where is the “text” we are interpreting?Richard J. Baron - 1990 - Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics 11 (1).
    The present paper is a commentary on an article by Drew Leder [1]. Leder identifies a series of texts in the clinical encounter, emphasizes the central role of interpretation in making sense of each of these texts, and articulates ordering principles to guide the interpretive work.The metaphor of clinical work as textual explication, however, creates the expectation that there is a text somewhere to be found. Such an expectation invites doctors and patients to search for the text and runs the (...)
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  3. The self is unreal.Richard J. Baron - manuscript
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    Bridging clinical distance: An empathic rediscovery of the known.Richard J. Baron - 1981 - Journal of Medicine and Philosophy 6 (1):5-24.
    In this essay, I argue that traditional medical views of illness systematically exclude intuitive knowledge from their description of disease and thus result in a functionally impressive but humanly ungrounded medicine. Physicians trained in a technologized anatomico-pathologic view of disease find themselves cut off from much of what they knew about illness when they began their training. Not only do they lack a rigorous or formal way to confront the non-technical aspects of medical practice, but many have even lost sight (...)
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