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    Reviews : D. C. Coleman, History and the Economic Past: An Account of the Rise and Decline of Economic History in Britain, Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1987, £17.50, 150 Pp. [REVIEW]Richard J. Smith - 1989 - History of the Human Sciences 2 (2):269-271.
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    Knowing the Self and Knowing the "Other": The Epistemological and Heuristic Value of the Yijing.Richard J. Smith - 2006 - Journal of Chinese Philosophy 33 (4):465–477.
  3.  18
    The Place of the Yijing in World Culture: Some Historical and Contemporary Perspectives.Richard J. Smith - 1998 - Journal of Chinese Philosophy 25 (4):391-422.
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    China's Cultural Heritage: The Ch'ing Dynasty, 1644-1922.Richard J. Smith - 1985 - Philosophy East and West 35 (3):323-325.
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    Select Bibliography of Works on the Yijing " Since 1985.Richard J. Smith - 2009 - Journal of Chinese Philosophy 36 (s1):152-163.
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    Fathoming the Changes: The Evolution of Some Technical Terms and Interpretive Strategies in Yijing Exegesis.Richard J. Smith - 2013 - Journal of Chinese Philosophy 40 (S1):146-170.
    This essay maps the changing contours of Yijing 《易經》 exegesis, focusing in particular on certain specialized terms that deal with the related problems of “knowing fate” and “establishing fate” . Among the concepts to be discussed are hui 悔, ji 吉, jiu 咎, li 利, li 厲, lin 吝, wang 亡, heng 亨, wujiu 旡咎, xiong 凶, yong 用, yuan 元, and zhen 貞.
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