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  1. 'An instinct for truth': Darwin on Galapagos.Richard Lansdown - 2000 - Critical Review (University of Melbourne) 40:109-122.
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  2. Beginning life: Mary Shelley's introduction to Frankenstein.Richard Lansdown - 1995 - Critical Review (University of Melbourne) 35:81.
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    Byron's relativism.Richard Lansdown - 1997 - Critical Review (University of Melbourne) 37:96.
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    Literature and truth: imaginative writing as a medium for ideas.Richard Lansdown - 2018 - Boston: Brill Rodopi.
    In Literature and Truth Richard Lansdown continues a discussion concerning the truth-bearing status of imaginative literature that pre-dates Plato. The book opens with a general survey of contemporary approaches in philosophical aesthetics, and a discussion of the contribution to the question made by British philosopher R. G. Collingwood in particular, in his Speculum Mentis. It then offers six case-studies from the Romantic era to the contemporary one as to how imaginative authors have variously dealt with bodies of discursive thought such (...)
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    People on whom nothing is lost: maturity in FR Leavis, Martha Nussbaum, and others.Richard Lansdown - 1998 - Critical Review (University of Melbourne) 38:116.
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    'See the shell of the flown bird!': Wordsworth and books.Richard Lansdown - 1996 - Critical Review (University of Melbourne) 36:83.
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    The novelized poem and the poeticized novel: Byron's Don Juan and Victorian fiction.Richard Lansdown - 1999 - Critical Review (University of Melbourne) 39:119.