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    Can Aesthetic Value Be Explained?Richard M. Gaskin - 1989 - British Journal of Aesthetics 29 (4):329-340.
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    Fatalism, Foreknowledge, and the Reality of the Future.Richard M. Gaskin - 1994 - Modern Schoolman 71 (2):83-113.
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    Platonism and Forms of Life.Richard M. Gaskin - 1990 - Auslegung 16 (1):1-16.
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  4. Experience, Agency and the Self.Richard M. Gaskin - 1988 - Dissertation, University of Oxford (United Kingdom)
    Available from UMI in association with The British Library. Requires signed TDF. ;The manifest image is 'a sophistication and refinement of the image in terms of which man first came to be aware of himself as man-in-the-world' and in its methodology 'limits itself to what correlational techniques can tell us about perceptible and introspectible events'. The scientific image, on the other hand, 'postulates imperceptible objects and events for the purpose of explaining correlations among perceptibles'. This thesis is centred on a (...)
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