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    Drivers of Socially Responsible Investing: A Case Study of Four Nordic Countries. [REVIEW]Bert Scholtens & Riikka Sievänen - 2013 - Journal of Business Ethics 115 (3):605-616.
    In this study, we try to establish what determines the substantial differences in the Nordic countries’ size and composition of socially responsible investing (SRI). We investigate if these differences between Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden can be associated with key characteristics in economics, finance, culture, and institutions. We find that in particular economic openness, the size of the pension industry, and cultural values of masculinity (femininity) and uncertainty avoidance can be associated with the differences in SRI in the four countries. (...)
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    The Drivers of Responsible Investment: The Case of European Pension Funds. [REVIEW]Riikka Sievänen, Hannu Rita & Bert Scholtens - 2013 - Journal of Business Ethics 117 (1):137-151.
    We investigate what drives responsible investment of European pension funds. Pension funds are institutional investors who assure the income of part of the population for a long period of time. Increasingly, stakeholders hold pension funds accountable for the non-financial consequences of their investments and many funds have engaged in responsible investing. However, it appears that there is a wide difference between pension funds in this respect. We investigate what determines pension funds’ responsible investments on the basis of a survey of (...)
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    Practicalities Bottleneck to Pension Fund Responsible Investment?Riikka Sievänen - 2014 - Business Ethics: A European Review 23 (3):309-326.
    We found that pension funds may face a bottleneck as practical impediments to engaging in responsible investment with respect to the role played by defining and implementing responsible investment. Furthermore, pension funds seek additional coherence and practical guidelines in this field to enable them to take into account ethical considerations in their investment strategies and in implementing them. These findings indicate that the availability of information may affect the stance that key decision makers of pension funds adopt towards responsible investment.
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    Responsible Investment by Pension Funds After the Financial Crisis.Riikka Sievänen - 2011 - In Wim Vandekerckhove, Jos Leys, Kristian Alm, Bert Scholtens, Silvana Signori & Henry Schäfer (eds.), Responsible Investment in Times of Turmoil. Springer. pp. 93--112.
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