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    Rob Shields (1999). Lefebvre, Love, and Struggle: Spatial Dialectics. Routledge.
    Lefebvre, Love and Struggle provides the only comprehensive guide to Lefebvre's work. It is an accessible introduction to one of the most significant European thinkers of the twentieth century. Rob Shields draws on the full range of Lefebvre's writings, including many previously untranslated and unpublished works and correspondence. Topics covered include Lefebvre's early relationship with Marxism, his critique of the rise of fascism, as well as his Critique of Everyday Life and the significant work on urban space for which he (...)
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    Yun-Csang Ghimn & Rob Shields (2014). Nanotechnology in Edmonton: An Actantial Diagram or, Paradoxes of Innovation. Semiotics:259-268.
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  3. Rob Shields (1997). Spatial Stress and Resistance: Social Meanings of Spatialization. In Georges Benko & Ulf Strohmayer (eds.), Space and Social Theory: Interpreting Modernity and Postmodernity. Blackwell. pp. 33--186.
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  4. Rob Shields (2004). Henri Lefebvre. In Phil Hubbard, Rob Kitchin & Gill Valentine (eds.), Key Thinkers on Space and Place. Sage Publications. pp. 208--213.
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  5. Rob Shields (2002). The Virtual. Routledge.
    This book looks at the origins and the many contemporary meanings of the virtual. Rob Shields shows how the construction of virtual worlds has a long history. He examines the many forms of faith and hysteria that have surrounded computer technologies in recent years. Moving beyond the technologies themselves he shows how the virtual plays a role in our daily lives at every level. The virtual is also an essential concept needed to manage innovation and risk. It is real but (...)
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