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    The Service-Dominant Logic of Marketing and Marketing Ethics.John Williams & Robert Aitken - 2011 - Journal of Business Ethics 102 (3):439-454.
    Abela and Murphy (J Acad Mark Sci 36(1):39–53, 2007 ) examined Service-Dominant (S-D) logic (Vargo and Lusch, J Mark 68(1):1–17, 2004 ) from the viewpoint of Marketing Ethics and concluded that whilst S-D logic does not have explicit ethical content, the Foundational Premises (FPs) of S-D logic do have implicit ethical content. They also conclude that what may be needed to make the implicit more explicit is the addition of another FP. The aim of this article is to explore whether (...)
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  2. The Mind of Clover: Essays in Zen Buddhist Ethics.Robert Aitken - 1984 - North Point Press.
    In Taking the Path of Zen , Robert Aitken provided a concise guide to zazen (Zen meditation) and other aspects of the practice of Zen. In The Mind of Clover he addresses the world beyond the zazen cushions, illuminating issues of appropriate personal and social action through an exploration of the philosophical complexities of Zen ethics. Aitken's approach is clear and sure as he shows how our minds can be as nurturing as clover, which enriches the soil and benefits the (...)
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    Formal Practice: Buddhist or Christian.Robert Aitken - 2002 - Buddhist-Christian Studies 22 (1):63-76.
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    The Christian-Buddhist Life and Works of Dwight Goddard.Robert Aitken - forthcoming - Buddhist-Christian Studies.
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    Who Hears?: A Zen Buddhist Perspective.Robert Aitken - 2009 - Buddhist-Christian Studies 29 (1):89-94.
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