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    Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics.Robert C. Bartlett & Susan D. Collins (eds.) - 2011 - University of Chicago Press.
    The _Nicomachean Ethics_ is one of Aristotle’s most widely read and influential works. Ideas central to ethics—that happiness is the end of human endeavor, that moral virtue is formed through action and habituation, and that good action requires prudence—found their most powerful proponent in the person medieval scholars simply called “the Philosopher.” Drawing on their intimate knowledge of Aristotle’s thought, Robert C. Bartlett and Susan D. Collins have produced here an English-language translation of the _Ethics_ that is as remarkably faithful (...)
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    Various Thoughts on the Occasion of a Comet.Pierre Bayle & Robert C. Bartlett (eds.) - 2000 - State University of New York Press.
    A new translation of Pierre Bayle's first great work, which undermines the influence of "superstition" in political life and laid the groundwork for the separation of church and state.
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  3. On law and the science of politics in Plato's Statesman.Robert C. Bartlett - 2017 - In John Sallis (ed.), Plato's Statesman: Dialectic, Myth, and Politics. Albany, NY: Suny Series in Contemporary Company.
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    Sophistry and Political Philosophy: Protagoras' Challenge to Socrates.Robert C. Bartlett - 2016 - Chicago: University of Chicago Press.
    One of the central challenges to contemporary political philosophy is the apparent impossibility of arriving at any commonly agreed upon “truths.” As Nietzsche observed in his Will to Power, the currents of relativism that have come to characterize modern thought can be said to have been born with ancient sophistry. If we seek to understand the strengths and weaknesses of contemporary radical relativism, we must therefore look first to the sophists of antiquity—the most famous and challenging of whom is Protagoras. (...)
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    Action and Contemplation: Studies in the Moral and Political Thought of Aristotle.Robert C. Bartlett & Susan D. Collins (eds.) - 1999 - State University of New York Press.
    European and North American scholars explore the political philosophy of Aristotle, with particular attention to questions arising from the Politics and the Nicomachean Ethics.
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  6. Recovering Reason: Essays in Honor of Thomas L. Pangle.Peter J. Ahrensdorf, Arlene Saxonhouse, Steven Forde, Paul A. Rahe, Michael Zuckert, Devin Stauffer, David Leibowitz, Robert Goldberg, Christopher Bruell, Linda R. Rabieh, Richard S. Ruderman, Christopher Baldwin, J. Judd Owen, Waller R. Newell, Nathan Tarcov, Ross J. Corbett, Clifford Orwin, John W. Danford, Heinrich Meier, Fred Baumann, Robert C. Bartlett, Ralph Lerner, Bryan-Paul Frost, Laurie Fendrich, Donald Kagan, H. Donald Forbes & Norman Doidge (eds.) - 2010 - Lexington Books.
    Recovering Reason: Essays in Honor of Thomas L. Pangle is a collection of essays composed by students and friends of Thomas L. Pangle to honor his seminal work and outstanding guidance in the study of political philosophy. These essays examine both Socrates' and modern political philosophers' attempts to answer the question of the right life for human beings, as those attempts are introduced and elaborated in the work of thinkers from Homer and Thucydides to Nietzsche and Charles Taylor.
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    Curzer, Howard J., Aristotle and the Virtues.Robert C. Bartlett - 2013 - Review of Metaphysics 66 (3):570-572.
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  8. Masters of Greek Thought.Robert C. Bartlett - 2008 - Teaching Co..
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