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    When Redundancy is Useful: A Bayesian Approach to “Overinformative” Referring Expressions.Judith Degen, Robert D. Hawkins, Caroline Graf, Elisa Kreiss & Noah D. Goodman - 2020 - Psychological Review 127 (4):591-621.
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    Is There a Cell-Biological Alphabet for Simple Forms of Learning?Robert D. Hawkins & Eric R. Kandel - 1984 - Psychological Review 91 (3):375-391.
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    From Partners to Populations: A Hierarchical Bayesian Account of Coordination and Convention.Robert D. Hawkins, Michael Franke, Michael C. Frank, Adele E. Goldberg, Kenny Smith, Thomas L. Griffiths & Noah D. Goodman - forthcoming - Psychological Review.
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    The Division of Labor in Communication: Speakers Help Listeners Account for Asymmetries in Visual Perspective.Robert D. Hawkins, Hyowon Gweon & Noah D. Goodman - 2021 - Cognitive Science 45 (3):e12926.
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    Characterizing the Dynamics of Learning in Repeated Reference Games.Robert D. Hawkins, Michael C. Frank & Noah D. Goodman - 2020 - Cognitive Science 44 (6).
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    Shades of Confusion: Lexical Uncertainty Modulates Ad Hoc Coordination in an Interactive Communication Task.Sonia K. Murthy, Thomas L. Griffiths & Robert D. Hawkins - 2022 - Cognition 225:105152.
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    LTP and Learning: Let's Stay Together.Robert D. Hawkins - 1997 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 20 (4):620-621.
    The hypothesis that there is a 1:1 correspondence between LTP and learning is simplistic, and the correlation approach to testing it is therefore too limited. The alternative hypothesis that LTP plays a role in arousal is consistent with activity-dependent neuromodulation, but ignores the Hebbian properties of LTP. LTP may involve both types of mechanisms, suggesting a possible synthesis of the two hypotheses.
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