1. On Time and Imagination. Part 2.Robert Kilwardby & Alexander Broadie - 1995 - Tijdschrift Voor Filosofie 57 (4):776-776.
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    On Time and Imagination: De Spiritu Fantastico. De Tempore.Robert Kilwardby - 1987 - Published for the British Academy by the Oxford University Press.
    The second volume in this series devoted to the writings of the English Dominican Robert Kilwardby, this work presents the Latin text of two Oxford treatises from the 1250s--one on time, the other on imagination. The treatise on time discusses its reality, connection with change, unity and beginning, the instant and time's relationship to eternity; the one on imagination examines the way imagery is acquired, retained and transmitted, and the relation between heart and head in the workings of common sense.
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