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Robert Patrick Murphy
University of Groningen
  1. Libertarian Law and Military Defense.Robert P. Murphy - 2017 - Libertarian Papers 9:213-232.
    Joseph Newhard (2017) argues that a libertarian anarchist society would be at a serious military disadvantage if it extended the nonaggression principle to include potential foreign invaders. He goes so far as to recommend cultivating the ability to launch a nuclear attack on foreign cities. In contrast, I argue that the free society would derive its strength from a total commitment to property rights and the protection of innocent life. Both theory and history suggest that a free society would be (...)
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  2. The Labor Theory of Value: Acritique of Carson's Studies in Mutualist Political Economy.Robert P. Murphy - 2006 - Journal of Libertarian Studies 20 (1):17-33.
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    Hans-Herman Hoppe's Argumentation Ethic: A Critique.Gene Callahan & Robert P. Murphy - 2006 - Journal of Libertarian Studies 20 (2):53-64.
    ONE OF THE MOST prominent theorists of anarcho-capitalism is Hans- Hermann Hoppe. In what is perhaps his most famous result, the argumentation ethic for libertarianism, he purports to establish an a priori defense of the justice of a social order based exclusively on pri- vate property. Hoppe claims that all participants in a debate must presuppose the libertarian principle that every person owns himself, since the principle underlies the very concept of argumentation. Some libertarians (e.g., Rothbard 1988) have celebrated Hoppe’s (...)
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    Mathematics in Economics: An Austrian Methodological Critique.Robert Wutscher, Robert P. Murphy & Walter E. Block - 2010 - Philosophical Investigations 33 (1):44-66.
    Even the briefest and most superficial perusal of leading mainstream economics journals will attest to the degree that mathematical formalism has captured the economics profession. Whereas up to the early 20th century virtually all of the output of the dismal scientists was in the literary format, by the early 21st century this is not at all any longer the case. Mathematical formalism is supposed to serve economics, and yet now true economic insight has been crowded out by the math. If (...)
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  5. Leland B. Yeager, Ethics as Social Science: The Moral Philosophy of Social Cooperation.Robert P. Murphy - 2002 - Journal of Libertarian Studies 16 (1; SEAS WIN):106-114.
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