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    The End of Open Society Realism?Robert Schuett - 2022 - Analyse & Kritik 44 (2):219-242.
    Does the ‘Zeitenwende’ herald the beginning of a new and as yet undefined open society realism? The present essay argues this question requires critical discussion of nature and value of realist political theory, particularly at a time where international society is accelerating to somewhere which is itself as yet unclear. Adding to revisionist research on political realism in International Relations (IR) theory I sketch how a political vision I call open society realism may be developed out of Classical realism, in (...)
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    Classical realism, Freud and human nature in international relations.Robert Schuett - 2010 - History of the Human Sciences 23 (2):21-46.
    Classical realism is enjoying a renaissance in the study of international relations. It is well known that the analytical and normative international-political thought of early 20th-century classical realists is based on assumptions about human nature. Yet current knowledge of these assumptions remains limited. This article therefore revisits and examines the nature and intellectual roots of the human nature assumptions of three truly consequential classical realists. The analysis shows — similar to the causa Hans J. Morgenthau — that the human nature (...)
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    Freudian roots of political realism: the importance of Sigmund Freud to Hans J. Morgenthau's theory of international power politics.Robert Schuett - 2007 - History of the Human Sciences 20 (4):53-78.
    The article unveils the intellectual indebtedness of Hans J. Morgenthau's realist theory of international power politics to Freudian meta- and group psychology. It examines an unpublished Morgenthau essay about Freudian anthropology written in 1930, placing this work within the context of Morgenthau's magna opera, the 1946 Scientific Man vs. Power Politics and the 1948 Politics among Nations. The article concludes that Morgenthau's international theory is ultimately based on the early instinct theory of Sigmund Freud. Freud is thus to be seen (...)
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    The Concept of the State in International Relations: Philosophy, Sovereignty and Cosmopolitanism.Robert Schuett & Peter M. R. Stirk (eds.) - 2015 - Edinburgh University Press.
    This volume... systematically considers the nature of the state, the concept of sovereignty and the challenges globalisation and cosmopolitanism.--Provided by publisher.
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