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    Robert Wisnovsky (2000). Notes on Avicenna's Concept of Thingness (Šay'iyya). Arabic Sciences and Philosophy 10 (2):181-221.
  2. Robert Wisnovsky (2005). Avicenna and the Avicennian Tradition. In Peter Adamson & Richard C. Taylor (eds.), The Cambridge Companion to Arabic Philosophy. Cambridge University Press 92--136.
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    Robert Wisnovsky (2002). Final and Efficient Causality in Avicenna's Cosmology and Theology. Quaestio 2 (1):97-124.
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    Robert Wisnovsky (1995). Aristotle in the Arabic World P. Lettinck: Aristotle's Physics and its Reception in the Arabic World, With an Edition of the Unpublished Parts of Ibn Bâjja's Commentary on the Physics. (Aristoteles Semitico–Latinus, 7.) Pp. Ix+793 (88 Pages of Arabic Text). Leiden: E. J. Brill, 1994. Cased, Gld 300/$171.50. [REVIEW] The Classical Review 45 (02):288-289.
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    Robert Wisnovsky (2004). One Aspect of the Avicennian Turn in Sunni Theology. Arabic Sciences and Philosophy 14 (1):65-100.
  6. Jon McGinnis & Robert Wisnovsky (2004). Avicenna's Metaphysics in Context. Journal of the American Oriental Society 124 (2):392.
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  7. Robert Wisnovsky (2004). Priority of the EIΔOΣ or Priority of the ΓENOΣ Between Andronicus and Alexander: Unpublished Arabic and Greek Traces Marwan Rashed Around 200, Alexander of Aphrodisias Was Obliged to Take Up Not Only the Defense of Aristotelianism Against Rival Schools, but Also The. Arabic Sciences and Philosophy 14:3-7.
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