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    Understanding Events by Eye and Ear: Agent and Verb Drive Non-Anticipatory Eye Movements in Dynamic Scenes.Roberto G. de Almeida, Julia Di Nardo, Caitlyn Antal & Michael W. von Grünau - 2019 - Frontiers in Psychology 10.
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    Conceptual Deficits Without Features: A View From Atomism.Roberto G. de Almeida - 2001 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 24 (3):482-483.
    Humphreys and Forde fail to account for the ontology of the “features” that they claim are constitutive of concepts. This failure is common to decompositional theories of conceptual representation. Category-specific deficits can be better explained by a theory that takes inferential relations among atomic concepts to be the key characteristic of conceptual representation and processing.
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    The Importance of Being Apt: Metaphor Comprehension in Alzheimer's Disease.Carlos Roncero & Roberto G. de Almeida - 2014 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 8.
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    Aptness Predicts Metaphor Preference in the Lab and on the Internet.Carlos Roncero, Roberto G. De Almeida, Deborah C. Martin & Marco de Caro - 2016 - Metaphor and Symbol 31 (1):31-46.
    Experimental studies have suggested that variables such as aptness or conventionality are predictors of people’s preference for expressing a particular topic–vehicle pair as either a metaphor or a simile. In the present study, we investigated if such variables would also be predictive within a more naturalistic context, where other variables, such as the intention to include an explanation, may also influence people’s decision. Specifically, we investigated the production of metaphor and simile expressions on the Internet via the Google search engine (...)
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  5. On Concepts, Modules, and Language: Cognitive Science at its Core.Roberto G. de Almeida & Lila R. Gleitman (eds.) - 2017 - Oup Usa.
    What are the landmarks of the cognitive revolution? What are the core topics of modern cognitive science? Where is cognitive science heading to? Leading cognitive scientists--Chomsky, Pylyshyn, Gallistel, and others--examine their own work in relation to one of cognitive science's most influential and polemical figures: Jerry Fodor.
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  6. The Neuronal Correlates of Indeterminate Sentence Comprehension: An fMRI Study.Roberto G. de Almeida, Levi Riven, Christina Manouilidou, Ovidiu Lungu, Veena D. Dwivedi, Gonia Jarema & Brendan Gillon - 2016 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 10.