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    Depressive Realism and Outcome Density Bias in Contingency Judgments: The Effect of the Context and Intertrial Interval.Rachel M. Msetfi, Robin A. Murphy, Jane Simpson & Diana E. Kornbrot - 2005 - Journal of Experimental Psychology: General 134 (1):10-22.
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    Maybe This Old Dinosaur Isn't Extinct: What Does Bayesian Modeling Add to Associationism?Irina Baetu, Itxaso Barberia, Robin A. Murphy & A. G. Baker - 2011 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 34 (4):190-191.
    We agree with Jones & Love (J&L) that much of Bayesian modeling has taken a fundamentalist approach to cognition; but we do not believe in the potential of Bayesianism to provide insights into psychological processes. We discuss the advantages of associative explanations over Bayesian approaches to causal induction, and argue that Bayesian models have added little to our understanding of human causal reasoning.
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    Propositional Learning is a Useful Research Heuristic but It is Not a Theoretical Algorithm.A. G. Baker, Irina Baetu & Robin A. Murphy - 2009 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 32 (2):199-200.
    Mitchell et al.'s claim, that their propositional theory is a single-process theory, is illusory because they relegate some learning to a secondary memory process. This renders the single-process theory untestable. The propositional account is not a process theory of learning, but rather, a heuristic that has led to interesting research.
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    The Relationship Between Mood State and Perceived Control in Contingency Learning: Effects of Individualist and Collectivist Values.Rachel M. Msetfi, Diana E. Kornbrot, Helena Matute & Robin A. Murphy - 2015 - Frontiers in Psychology 6.
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    Stereotype Formation: Biased by Association.Mike E. Le Pelley, Stian J. Reimers, Guglielmo Calvini, Russell Spears, Tom Beesley & Robin A. Murphy - 2010 - Journal of Experimental Psychology: General 139 (1):138-161.