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    ‘We are the eyes and ears of researchers and community’: Understanding the role of community advisory groups in representing researchers and communities in Malawi.Deborah Nyirenda, Salla Sariola, Kate Gooding, Mackwellings Phiri, Rodrick Sambakunsi, Elvis Moyo, Chiwoza Bandawe, Bertie Squire & Nicola Desmond - 2017 - Developing World Bioethics 18 (4):420-428.
    Community engagement to protect and empower participating individuals and communities is an ethical requirement in research. There is however limited evidence on effectiveness or relevance of some of the approaches used to improve ethical practice. We conducted a study to understand the rationale, relevance and benefits of community engagement in health research. This paper draws from this wider study and focuses on factors that shaped Community Advisory Group members’ selection processes and functions in Malawi. A qualitative research design was used; (...)
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    Stakeholder views on the acceptability of human infection studies in Malawi.Kate Gooding, Stephen B. Gordon, Michael Parker, Rodrick Sambakunsi, Markus Gmeiner, Jamie Rylance, Kondwani Jambo & Blessings M. Kapumba - 2020 - BMC Medical Ethics 21 (1):1-15.
    BackgroundHuman infection studies (HIS) are valuable in vaccine development. Deliberate infection, however, creates challenging questions, particularly in low and middle-income countries (LMICs) where HIS are new and ethical challenges may be heightened. Consultation with stakeholders is needed to support contextually appropriate and acceptable study design. We examined stakeholder perceptions about the acceptability and ethics of HIS in Malawi, to inform decisions about planned pneumococcal challenge research and wider understanding of HIS ethics in LMICs.MethodsWe conducted 6 deliberative focus groups and 15 (...)
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    “Not just dogs, but rabid dogs”: tensions and conflicts amongst research volunteers in Malawi.Mackwellings Phiri, Kate Gooding, Deborah Nyirenda, Rodrick Sambakunsi, Moses Kelly Kumwenda & Nicola Desmond - 2018 - Global Bioethics 29 (1):65-80.
    ABSTRACTBuilding trust between researchers and communities involved in research is one goal of community engagement. This paper examines the implications of community engagement for trust within communities, including trust among community volunteers who assist with research and between these volunteers and other community members. We describe the experiences of two groups of community volunteers recruited as part of an HIV and TB intervention trial in Malawi: cluster representatives, recruited both to act as key informants for TB suspects and mortality reporting (...)
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    “Are we getting the biometric bioethics right?” – the use of biometrics within the healthcare system in Malawi.Mphatso Mwapasa, Kate Gooding, Moses Kumwenda, Marriott Nliwasa, Kruger Kaswaswa, Rodrick Sambakunsi, Michael Parker, Susan Bull & Nicola Desmond - 2020 - Global Bioethics 31 (1):67-80.
    Biometrics is the science of establishing the identity of an individual based on their physical attributes. Ethical concerns surrounding the appropriate use of biometrics have been raised, especial...
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