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    What's Wrong with Private Schools.Roger Marples - 2018 - Journal of Philosophy of Education 52 (1):19-35.
    The aim of this article is to demonstrate the respects in which private schools are unfair, and why they pose a threat to the well-being of not only those who are excluded on financial grounds, but to democratic equality and social cohesion in general. The shortcomings associated with relying on a form of educational provision that is merely ‘adequate’ are rendered explicit, and the article concludes with a consideration of a variety of measures that might go some way towards nullifying (...)
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  2. The Aims of Education.Roger Marples (ed.) - 1999 - Routledge.
    In this volume, international philosophers of education explore and question diverse strains of the liberal tradition, discussing autonomy and other key issues including social justice, national identity, curriculum, critical thinking and social practices.
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    Art, Knowledge and Moral Understanding.Roger Marples - 2017 - Ethics and Education 12 (2):243-258.
    The Platonic view that art is incapable of providing us with knowledge is sufficiently widely held as to merit a serious attempt at refutation. Once it is acknowledged that there are alternative forms of knowledge other than propositional, then it is possible to establish the truth of the claim that the knowledge which art affords has a value on a par with that provided by other disciplines. Art, it is argued, has a unique potential to provide imaginative insights by reference (...)
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    Moral Sensitivity: The Central Question of Moral Education.Roger Marples - 2022 - Journal of Philosophy of Education 56 (2):342-355.
    Journal of Philosophy of Education, Volume 56, Issue 2, Page 342-355, April 2022.
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  5. Parents' Rights and Educational Provision.Roger Marples - 2013 - Studies in Philosophy and Education 33 (1):23-39.
    Legitimate parental interests need to be distinguished from any putative rights parents qua parents may be said to possess. Parents have no right to insulate their children from conceptions of the good at variance with those of their own. Claims to the right to faith schools, private schools, home-schooling or to withdraw a child from any aspect of the curriculum designed to enhance a child’s capacity for autonomous decision-making, are refuted.
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    Is Religious Education Possible?Roger Marples - 1978 - Journal of Philosophy of Education 12 (1):81–91.
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    Democracy, Philosophy and the Formation of Public Policy for Schools.Roger Marples - 2006 - Journal of Philosophy of Education 40 (1):115–124.
    This review essay provides a critical assessment of Christopher Winch and John Gingell's Philosophy & Educational Policy: A Critical Introduction. This book presents a powerful and stimulating challenge to conventional and sloppy thinking about a wide range of issues confronting anyone who is seriously concerned with schooling in the 21st century. While each chapter merits an essay in response, this article can merely highlight the virtues of the book as well as the respects in which a number of claims remain (...)
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    Faith Schools: Consensus or Conflict? Edited by Roy Gardner, Jo Cairns and Denis Lawton.Roger Marples - 2006 - British Journal of Educational Studies 54 (2):249-251.