Roger Walsh [6]Roger N. Walsh [3]
  1. Can Synaesthesia Be Cultivated?: Indications From Surveys of Meditators.Roger Walsh - 2005 - Journal of Consciousness Studies 12 (4-5):5-17.
    Synaesthesia is considered a rare perceptual capacity, and one that is not capable of cultivation. However, meditators report the experience quite commonly, and in questionnaire surveys, respondents claimed to experience synaesthesia in 35% of meditation retreatants, in 63% of a group of regular meditators, and in 86% of advanced teachers. These rates were significantly higher than in nonmeditator controls, and displayed significant correlations with measures of amount of meditation experience. A review of ancient texts found reports suggestive of synaesthesia in (...)
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  2. Entheogens: True or False.Roger Walsh - 2003 - International Journal of Transpersonal Studies 22:1-6.
    Despite 40 years of dialogue, debate still continues over whether psychedelics are capable of inducing genuine mystical experiences. This paper first reviews the arguments against this possibility and shows that all of them contain shortcomings. One reason the debate still continues is that there has been no adequate theory of mystical states and their relationship to the factors which produce them. Consequently a theory of mystical states based on Charles Tart’s systems model of consciousness is proposed. This theory suggests how (...)
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  3. States and Stages of Consciousness: Current Research and Understanding.Roger Walsh - 1998 - In Stuart R. Hameroff, Alfred W. Kaszniak & A. C. Scott (eds.), Toward a Science of Consciousness II. MIT Press.
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    An Integral Approach to Consciousness Research: A Proposal for Integrating First, Second, and Third Person Approaches to Consciousness.Ken Wilber & Roger Walsh - 2000 - In Max Velmans (ed.), Investigating Phenomenal Consciousness: New Methodologies and Maps. John Benjamins. pp. 301-331.
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    Staying Alive: The Psychology of Human Survival.Danilo E. Ponce & Roger Walsh - 1985 - Buddhist-Christian Studies 5:216.
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    The Search for an Integral Theory of Consciousness.Roger Walsh - 2000 - Advances in Mind-Body Medicine 16 (2):95-97.