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Rosa Bruno-Jofré [5]Rosa del Carmen Bruno-Jofré [1]
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    Ivan Illich's Late Critique ofDeschooling Society: “I Was Largely Barking Up the Wrong Tree”.Rosa Bruno-Jofré & Jon Igelmo Zaldívar - 2012 - Educational Theory 62 (5):573-592.
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    Adriana Hernández, Pedagogy, Democracy, and Feminism: Rethinking the Public Sphere.Rosa Bruno-Jofré - 1998 - Studies in Philosophy and Education 17 (2):207-210.
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    Philosophy Today Books Received. [REVIEW]Rosa Bruno-Jofré, James Scott Johnston, Gonzalo Jover & Daniel Tröhler - forthcoming - Philosophy Today.
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    Changing Visions of Excellence in Ontario School Policy: The Cases of Living and Learning and for the Love of Learning.Rosa Bruno-Jofré & George Hills - 2011 - Educational Theory 61 (3):335-349.
    In this essay, Rosa Bruno-Jofré and George Hills examine two major Ontario policy documents: 1968's Living and Learning and 1994's For the Love of Learning. The purpose is, first, to gain insight into the uses of the term “excellence” in the context of discourse about educational aims and evaluation, and, second, to explore how these uses may have changed over time. Bruno-Jofré and Hills employ the conceptual framework developed by Madhu Prakash and Leonard Waks to elucidate the varied notions of (...)
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  5. The Global Reception of John Dewey's Thought: Multiple Refractions Through Time and Space.Rosa del Carmen Bruno-Jofré & Jürgen Schriewer (eds.) - 2011 - Routledge.