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    Academics ‘Staying on’ Post Retirement Age in English University Departments of Education: Opportunities, Threats and Employment Policies.Rosalyn George & Meg Maguire - forthcoming - British Journal of Educational Studies:1-18.
  2. Pedagogical Responses to the Changing Position of Girls and Young Women.Carrie Paechter, Rosalyn George & Angela McRobbie (eds.) - 2016 - Routledge.
    Academics and professionals working with young women face a series of paradoxes. Over the last 20 years, the lives of young women in the UK and Europe have been transformed. They have gained considerable freedom and independence, but at the very same time, new, less tangible forms of constraint and subordination now play a defining role in the formation of their everyday subjectivities and identities. Young women have come to exemplify the pervasive sensibility of self-responsibility and self-organisation. This new ‘gender (...)
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