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    False-Belief Understanding in Infants.Renée Baillargeon, Rose M. Scott & Zijing He - 2010 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 14 (3):110-118.
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    The Developmental Origins of Syntactic Bootstrapping.Cynthia Fisher, Kyong-sun Jin & Rose M. Scott - 2020 - Topics in Cognitive Science 12 (1):48-77.
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    2.5-Year-Olds Use Cross-Situational Consistency to Learn Verbs Under Referential Uncertainty.Rose M. Scott & Cynthia Fisher - 2012 - Cognition 122 (2):163-180.
  4. Early False-Belief Understanding in Traditional Non-Western Societies.H. Clark Barrett, Tanya Broesch, Rose M. Scott, Zijing He, Renee Baillargeon, Di Wu, Matthias Bolz, Joseph Henrich, Peipei Setoh, Jianxin Wang & Stephen Laurence - 2013 - Proceedings of the Royal Society, B (Biological Sciences) 280 (1755).
    The psychological capacity to recognize that others may hold and act on false beliefs has been proposed to reflect an evolved, species-typical adaptation for social reasoning in humans; however, controversy surrounds the developmental timing and universality of this trait. Cross-cultural studies using elicited-response tasks indicate that the age at which children begin to understand false beliefs ranges from 4 to 7 years across societies, whereas studies using spontaneous-response tasks with Western children indicate that false-belief understanding emerges much earlier, consistent with (...)
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    Children Expect Generic Knowledge to Be Widely Shared.Andrei Cimpian & Rose M. Scott - 2012 - Cognition 123 (3):419-433.
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    Surprise! 20-Month-Old Infants Understand the Emotional Consequences of False Beliefs.Rose M. Scott - 2017 - Cognition 159 (C):33-47.
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    The Relationship Between Parental Mental-State Language and 2.5-Year-Olds’ Performance on a Nontraditional False-Belief Task. [REVIEW]Erin Roby & Rose M. Scott - 2018 - Cognition 180 (C):10-23.
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    Associations Between Sleep and Mental Health Among Latina Adolescent Mothers: The Role of Social Support.Shun Ting Yung, Alexandra Main, Eric A. Walle, Rose M. Scott & Yaoyu Chen - 2021 - Frontiers in Psychology 12.
    Adolescent mothers experience poorer sleep than adult mothers, and Latina adolescent mothers are at greater risk of postpartum depression compared with other racial/ethnic groups. However, social support may be protective against the negative effects of poor sleep in this population. The current study examined associations between the quality and quantity of Latina adolescent mothers’ sleep and mental health, and whether social support buffered the effects of poor sleep on mental health. A sample of Latina adolescent mothers from an agricultural region (...)
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