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    Feminist Social Theorizing and Moral Reasoning: On Difference and Dialectic.Roslyn Wallach Bologh - 1984 - Sociological Theory 2:373-393.
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    Dialectical Phenomenology: Marx's Method.Roslyn Wallach Bologh - 1979 - Routledge & Kegan Paul.
    From a reading of Marx to dialectical phenomenology This work analyzes Marx's method of theorizing. It focuses on the Grundrisse, a work considered by many ...
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  3. Dialectical Phenomenolgy : Marx's Method.Roslyn Wallach Bologh - 2009 - Routledge.
    In this inquiry into Marx’s method of theorising, originally published in 1979, the author analyses theory in the same way that Marx analyses the production of capital, and provides a set of rules for reproducing Marx’s method. The rules are developed through an examination of the _Grundrisse_, the recently translated text by Marx that combines his technical critique of political economy with his humanistic, philosophical concerns and his historical perspective. Dr Bologh concludes that Marx’s method, as dialectical phenomenology, offers a (...)
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  4. Love or Greatness : Max Weber and Masculine Thinking.Roslyn Wallach Bologh - 2009 - Routledge.
    This work, first published in 1990, reissues the first thorough examination of the essentially masculine nature of Max Weber's social and political thinking. Through a detailed examination of his central texts, the author demonstrates Weber's masculine reading of 'social life' and shows how his work advocates a masculine form of life that poses a challenge to contemporary women and to feminism. In particular, she addresses the patriarchal implications of Weber's belief in the need to relegate the ethic of brotherly love (...)
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