1.  44
    De Gustibusestdisputandum: Frank H. Knight's Reply to George Stigler and Gary Becker's ‘De Gustibus Non Est Disputandum’ with an Introductory Essay.Ross B. Emmett - 2006 - Journal of Economic Methodology 13 (1):97-111.
  2.  60
    Realism and Relevance in the Economics of a Free Society: The Knight–Hutchison Debate.Ross B. Emmett - 2009 - Journal of Economic Methodology 16 (3):341-350.
    The methodological debate between Frank Knight and Terence Hutchison is usually framed in terms of the philosophical debates between positivism and intuitionism, or between empirical knowledge and theoretical knowledge. Hutchison's argument was, after all, a defense of the need for empirically-based economic knowledge, using the justificatory framework provided by logical positivism, and Knight was widely known for his defense of the understanding of economic theory often associated with Lionel Robbins. But the dispute between Knight and Hutchison was much more than (...)
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  3. Man and Society in Adam Smith's Natural Morality : The Impartial Spectator, the Man of System, and the Invisible Hand.Ross B. Emmett - 2011 - In Paul Oslington (ed.), Adam Smith as Theologian. Routledge.
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