1.  84
    Killing, Letting Die and the Bare Difference Argument.Royw Perrett - 1996 - Bioethics 10 (2):131–139.
    ABSTRACTI believe that there is no intrinsic moral difference between killing and letting die. That is, there is no difference that depends solely on the distinction between an act and an omission. I also believe that we can reasonably establish this thesis by appeal to the Bare Difference Argument. The form of this argument involves considering two imaginary cases in which there are no morally relevant differences present, save the bare difference that one is a case of killing and one (...)
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    Self-Refutation in Indian Philosophy.RoyW Perrett - 1984 - Journal of Indian Philosophy 12 (3):237-263.
  3.  78
    Egoism, Altruism and Intentionalism in Buddhist Ethics.RoyW Perrett - 1987 - Journal of Indian Philosophy 15 (1):71-85.