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Ruth Sample
University of New Hampshire, Durham
  1. Exploitation: What It is and Why It's Wrong.Ruth J. Sample - 2003 - Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.
    Exploitation locates what it is we recognize as bad when we judge a situation to be exploitative. Ideal for courses in social and political philosophy, public policy, or political science.
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  2. Property Rights and the Political Philosophy of John Locke.Ruth J. Sample - 1995 - Dissertation, University of Pittsburgh
    The ultimate aim of this dissertation is to determine whether libertarian theories of property can be adequately grounded in Locke's theory of natural rights. I defend the thesis that Locke's theory has no room for a fundamental commitment to natural rights, including property rights. ;In the first three chapters, I challenge each component of the dominant interpretation of Locke's theory of property in this century, viz., that of C. B. Macpherson. In Chapter One, I criticize Macpherson's claim that Locke's view (...)
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    Philosophy: The Big Questions.Ruth J. Sample, Charles W. Mills & James P. Sterba (eds.) - 2004 - Malden, MA: Wiley-Blackwell.
    Philosophy: The Big Questions occupies a unique position among introductory texts in philosophy. Designed for a single-semester introductory course in philosophy, it includes both classic readings in philosophy and newer articles. Presents, in one volume, canonical and contemporary works in ethics, metaphysics, philosophy of religion, and epistemology. Topics discussed include knowledge, religion, freedom, morality, and the meaning of life. Serves as a comprehensive and compelling introduction to philosophy. Together with traditional readings it also presents non-traditional, feminist eadings from a continental (...)
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    Book Notes. [REVIEW]Keith Burgess‐Jackson, Cheshire Calhoun, Susan Finsen, Chad W. Flanders, Heather J. Gert, Peter G. Heckman, John Kelsay, Michael Lavin, Michelle Y. Little, Lionel K. McPherson, Alfred Nordmann, Kirk Pillow, Ruth J. Sample, Edward D. Sherline, Hans O. Tiefel, Thomas S. Tomlinson, Steven Walt, Patricia H. Werhane, Edward C. Wingebach & Christopher F. Zurn - 2001 - Ethics 112 (1):189-201.
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    Book ReviewsDaniel Little,. The Paradox of Wealth and Poverty: Mapping the Ethical Dilemmas of Global Development.Boulder, CO: Westview, 2003. Pp. 283. $85.00 ; $29.00. [REVIEW]Ruth J. Sample - 2005 - Ethics 116 (1):238-242.
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    Book ReviewsDiana Tietjens. Meyers, Gender in the Mirror: Cultural Imagery and Women's Agency.Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2002. Pp. 232. $55.00 ; $19.95. [REVIEW]Ruth J. Sample - 2003 - Ethics 113 (3):708-711.