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    Augustine on Liberal Education: Defender and Defensive.Ryan N. S. Topping - 2010 - Heythrop Journal 51 (3):377-387.
  2.  36
    The Perils of Skepticism: The Moral and Educational Argument of Contra Academicos.Ryan N. S. Topping - 2009 - International Philosophical Quarterly 49 (3):333-350.
    Augustine was aware of objections to the idea of educational progress, and nowhere is this more acute than in his treatment of academic skepticism. While much attention has been paid to Augustine’s theory of knowledge within the Contra Academicos, too often overlooked is the specifically moral significance that he attaches to the skeptic’s critique of knowledge. I argue that Augustine’s chief criticism in this dialogue is not directed against an erroneous epistemology, although he does provide a refutation of that. Rather, (...)
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