1.  64
    A Unified Conformal Model for Fundamental Interactions Without Dynamical Higgs Field.Marek Pawłowski & Ryszard Raczka - 1994 - Foundations of Physics 24 (9):1305-1327.
    A Higgsless model for strong, electroweak and gravitational interactions is proposed. This model is based on the local symmetry group SU(3)×SU(2)L×U(1)×C,where C is the local conformal symmetry group. The natural minimal conformally invariant form of total Lagrangian is postulated. It contains all standard model fields and gravitational interaction. Using the unitary gauge and the conformal scale fixing conditions, we can eliminate all four real components of the Higgs doublet in this model. However, the masses of vector mesons, leptons, and quarks (...)
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  2.  90
    Eigenvibrations of the Expanding Universe.Paolo Budinich & Ryszard Raczka - 1993 - Foundations of Physics 23 (2):225-237.
    A theoretical interpretation of the observed periodicity of large-scale (∼128 Mpc) correlations of galaxies is proposed as due to eigenvibrations of the closed expanding universe. Eigensolutions of the equations of motion for a scalar field in an inflationary model allow one to compute the energy density, interpreted as matter density. Isotropic eigensolution give rise to a matter density distribution having a periodic structure centered at the north pole of the closed Robertson-Walker universe represented by S3/Z2. It is able to reproduce (...)
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  3.  82
    An Analysis of Mean Life and Lifetime of Unstable Elementary Particles.Jerzy Bogdanowicz, Maciej Pindor & Ryszard Raczka - 1995 - Foundations of Physics 25 (6):833-849.
    A theoretical analysis of the concept of lifetime and mean life of unstable elementary particles is presented. New analytic formulas for lifetime and mean life as a function of decay width Γ and the mass of unstable particle are derived for Breit-Wigner and Matthews-Salam energy distributions. It is demonstrated that, for unstable particles with a larger width or decay energy threshold, the deviation from the generally accepted mean life τ m =Γ −1 is significant. The behavior of the decay law (...)
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