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Soemini Kasanmoentalib [6]S. Kasanmoentalib [3]
  1. Science and Values in Risk Assessment: The Case of Deliberate Release of Genetically Engineered Organisms. [REVIEW]Soemini Kasanmoentalib - 1996 - Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics 9 (1):42-60.
    To make more responsible decisions regarding risk and to understand disagreements and controversies in risk assessments, it is important to know how and where values are infused into risk assessment and how they are embedded in the conclusions. In this article an attempt is made to disentangle the relationship of science and values in decision-making concerning the deliberate release of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) into the environment. This exercise in applied philosophy of science is based on Helen Longino's contextual empiricism (...)
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  2. Barnes, Barry/David Bloor/John Henry: Scientific Knowledge. A Sociological Analysis, London 1996 (Athlone), Xiii+ 230 Index (£ 42.00). Bast, Rainer A.: Personen-Register Zu den Werken Ernst Cassirers, Köln 1995 (Dinter), 123 (DM 49,–). [REVIEW]Oswaldus Crolloius, Wilhelm Kühlmann, Joachim Telle, Marcel Dol, Soemini Kasanmoentalib, Susanne Lijmbach & Esteban Rivas - 1999 - Journal for General Philosophy of Science / Zeitschrift für Allgemeine Wissenschaftstheorie 30:189-192.
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    Animal Consciousness and Animal Ethics.M. Dol, Soemini Kasanmoentalib, Susanne Lijmbach, E. Rivas & Ruud van den Bos - 2002 - Van Gorcum and Co.
    Dutch investigators continue to play a key role in animal behavior studies today . The present collection of current Dutch writings on animal consciousness ...
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  4. Animal Consciousness and Animal Ethics.M. Dol, S. Kasanmoentalib, S. E. E. M. Lijmbach, E. Rivas & R. Bos - unknown
  5. Animal Consciousness and Animal Ethics: Perspectives From the Netherlands.Marcel Dol, Soemini Kasanmoentalib, Susanne Lijmbch, Esteban Rivas, Ruud van den Bos & Hugh Lehman - 1998 - Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics 11 (1):68-70.
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  6. Boekbesprekingen Animal Consciousness and Animal Ethics. [REVIEW]M. Dol, S. Kasanmoentalib, S. Lijmbach, E. Rivas & R. van den Bos - 1999 - Filosofie En Praktijk 20:95-95.
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    Perspectives on Animal Consciousness.Soemini Kasanmoentalib & Matthew B. H. Visser - 1997 - Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics 10 (3):215-215.