1. Evolution of hospital clinical ethics committees in Canada.A. Gaudine, L. Thorne, S. M. LeFort & M. Lamb - 2010 - Journal of Medical Ethics 36 (3):132-137.
    To investigate the current status of hospital clinical ethics committees (CEC) and how they have evolved in Canada over the past 20 years, this paper presents an overview of the findings from a 2008 survey and compares these findings with two previous Canadian surveys conducted in 1989 and 1984. All Canadian hospitals over 100 beds, of which at least some were acute care, were surveyed to determine the structure of CEC, how they function, the perceived achievements of these committees and (...)
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    Barriers and facilitators to consulting hospital clinical ethics committees.A. Gaudine, M. Lamb, S. M. LeFort & L. Thorne - 2011 - Nursing Ethics 18 (6):767-780.
    Hospitals in many countries have had clinical ethics committees for over 20 years. Despite this, there has been little research to evaluate these committees and growing evidence that they are underutilized. To address this gap, we investigated the question ‘What are the barriers and facilitators nurses and physicians perceive in consulting their hospital ethics committee?’ Thirty-four nurses, 10 nurse managers and 31 physicians working at four Canadian hospitals were interviewed using a semi-structured interview guide as part of a larger investigation. (...)
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    Ethical conflicts with hospitals: The perspective of nurses and physicians.A. Gaudine, S. M. LeFort, M. Lamb & L. Thorne - 2011 - Nursing Ethics 18 (6):756-766.
    Nurses and physicians may experience ethical conflict when there is a difference between their own values, their professional values or the values of their organization. The distribution of limited health care resources can be a major source of ethical conflict. Relatively few studies have examined nurses' and physicians' ethical conflict with organizations. This study examined the research question ‘What are the organizational ethical conflicts that hospital nurses and physicians experience in their practice?’ We interviewed 34 registered nurses, 10 nurse managers, (...)
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