S. M. Miller [5]S. Michael Miller [1]
  1. Binocular Rivalry and the Cerebral Hemispheres, with a Note on the Correlates and Constitution of Visual Consciousness.S. M. Miller - 2001 - Brain and Mind 2 (1):119-49.
    In addressing thescientific study of consciousness, Crick and Koch state, It is probable that at any moment some active neuronal processes in your head correlate with consciousness, while others do not: what is the difference between them? (1998, p. 97). Evidence from electrophysiological and brain-imaging studies of binocular rivalry supports the premise of this statement and answers to some extent, the question posed. I discuss these recent developments and outline the rationale and experimental evidence for the interhemispheric switch hypothesis of (...)
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    Caloric Vestibular Stimulation: From Diagnosis to Therapy?S. M. Miller & T. T. Ngo - unknown
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    Notes on Neo-Capitalism.S. Michael Miller - 1975 - Theory and Society 2 (1):1-35.
  4. The Constitution of Consciousness.S. M. Miller (ed.) - forthcoming - John Benjamins.
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    An Association Between Inequity-Averse Moral Preference and Risk Aversion in Decision-Making.C. J. Palmer, B. Paton, T. T. Ngo, R. H. Thomson, J. Hohwy & S. M. Miller - unknown
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    Privilege and Domination: The Role of the Upper Class in American Higher Education.Michael Useem & S. M. Miller - 1975 - Social Science Information 14 (6):115-145.