Stefano Mazzanti [4]S. Mazzanti [2]
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    Bounded Iteration and Unary Functions.Stefano Mazzanti - 2005 - Mathematical Logic Quarterly 51 (1):89-94.
    The set of unary functions of complexity classes defined by using bounded primitive recursion is inductively characterized by means of bounded iteration. Elementary unary functions, linear space computable unary functions and polynomial space computable unary functions are then inductively characterized using only composition and bounded iteration.
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    Primitive Iteration and Unary Functions.G. Germano & S. Mazzanti - 1988 - Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 40 (3):217-256.
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    Iterative Characterizations of Computable Unary Functions: A General Method.Stefano Mazzanti - 1997 - Mathematical Logic Quarterly 43 (1):29-38.
    Iterative characterizations of computable unary functions are useful patterns for the definition of programming languages based on iterative constructs. The features of such a characterization depend on the pairing producing it: this paper offers an infinite class of pairings involving very nice features.
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    General Iteration and Unary Functions.G. M. Germano & S. Mazzanti - 1991 - Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 54 (2):137-178.
    Programming practice suggests a notion of general iteration corresponding to the while-do construct. This leads to new characterizations of general computable unary functions usable in computer science.
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    Plain Bases for Classes of Primitive Recursive Functions.Stefano Mazzanti - 2002 - Mathematical Logic Quarterly 48 (1):93-104.
    Abasisforaset C of functions on natural numbers is a set F of functions such that C is the closure with respect to substitution of the projection functions and the functions in F. This paper introduces three new bases, comprehending only common functions, for the Grzegorczyk classes ℰn with n ≥ 3. Such results are then applied in order to show that ℰn+1 = Kn for n ≥ 2, where {Kn}n∈ℕ is the Axt hierarchy.
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    Iteration on Notation and Unary Functions.Stefano Mazzanti - 2013 - Mathematical Logic Quarterly 59 (6):415-434.