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    A World Without Values: Essays on John Mackie's Moral Error Theory.S. T. Kirchin - unknown
    What kind of properties are moral qualities, such as rightness, badness, etc? Some ethicists doubt that there are any such properties; they maintain that thinking that something is morally wrong (for example) is comparable to thinking that something is a unicorn or a ghost. These "moral error theorists" argue that the world simply does not contain the kind of properties or objects necessary to render our moral judgments true. This radical form of moral skepticism was championed by the philosopher John (...)
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    Altruism, Paternalism and RECs.S. T. Kirchin, S. J. L. Edwards & R. Huxtable - 2004 - Journal of Medical Ethics 30 (1):88-91.
  3. Concepts, Conceptions and the Epistemology of Disagreement.Stephen Pethick & S. T. Kirchin - forthcoming - Philosophical Quarterly.
  4. The Evaluative and the Descriptive.S. T. Kirchin - unknown
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  5. On the Appraisive Nature of Essentially Contested Concepts.S. T. Kirchin & Stephen Pethick - forthcoming - Mind.
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