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S. van der Dam [3]Sandra van der Dam [1]
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    Organizing Moral Case Deliberation Experiences in Two Dutch Nursing Homes.S. van der Dam, T. A. Abma, A. C. Molewijk, M. J. M. Kardol, Jmga Schols & G. A. M. Widdershoven - 2011 - Nursing Ethics 18 (3):327-340.
    Moral case deliberation (MCD) is a specific form of clinical ethics, aiming to stimulate ethical reflection in daily practice in order to improve the quality of care. This article focuses on the implementation of MCD in nursing homes and the questions how and where to organize MCD. The purpose of this study was to evaluate one way of organizing MCD in two Dutch nursing homes. In both of these nursing homes the MCD groups had a heterogeneous composition and were organized (...)
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    “Here’s My Dilemma”. Moral Case Deliberation as a Platform for Discussing Everyday Ethics in Elderly Care.S. van der Dam, T. A. Abma, M. J. M. Kardol & G. A. M. Widdershoven - 2012 - Health Care Analysis 20 (3):250-267.
    Our study presents an overview of the issues that were brought forward by participants of a moral case deliberation (MCD) project in two elderly care organizations. The overview was inductively derived from all case descriptions (N = 202) provided by participants of seven mixed MCD groups, consisting of care providers from various professional backgrounds, from nursing assistant to physician. The MCD groups were part of a larger MCD project within two care institutions (residential homes and nursing homes). Care providers are (...)
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    Ethics Support in Institutional Elderly Care: A Review of the Literature. [REVIEW]Sandra van der Dam, Bert Molewijk, Guy A. M. Widdershoven & Tineke A. Abma - 2014 - Journal of Medical Ethics 40 (9):625-631.
    Clinical ethics support mechanisms in healthcare are increasing but little is known about the specific developments in elderly care. The aim of this paper is to present a systematic literature review on the characteristics of existing ethics support mechanisms in institutional elderly care. A review was performed in three electronic databases . Sixty papers were included in the review. The ethics support mechanisms are classified in four categories: ‘institutional bodies’ ; ‘frameworks’ ; ‘educational programmes and moral case deliberation’; and ‘written (...)
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    Morality in the Mundane: Specific Needs for Ethics Support in Elderly Care.L. Dauwerse, S. van der Dam & T. Abma - 2012 - Nursing Ethics 19 (1):91-103.
    Ethics support is called for to improve the quality of care in elderly institutions. Various forms of ethics support are presented, but the needs for ethics support remain unknown. Using a mixed-methods design, this article systematically investigates the specific needs for ethics support in elderly care. The findings of two surveys, two focus groups and 17 interviews demonstrate that the availability of ethics support is limited. There is a need for ethics support, albeit not unconditionally. Advice-based forms of ethics support (...)
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