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    Who Cares about Farmed Fish? Citizen Perceptions of the Welfare and the Mental Abilities of Fish.Saara Kupsala, Pekka Jokinen & Markus Vinnari - 2013 - Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics 26 (1):119-135.
    This paper explores citizens’ views about the welfare of farmed fish and the mental abilities of fish with a large survey data sample from Finland (n = 1,890). Although studies on attitudes towards animal welfare have been increasing, fish welfare has received only limited empirical attention, despite the rapid expansion of aquaculture sector. The results show that the welfare of farmed fish is not any great concern in the Finnish society. The analysis confirms the distinct character given to farmed fish (...)
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    Citizen Attitudes to Farm Animals in Finland: A Population-Based Study.Saara Kupsala, Markus Vinnari, Pekka Jokinen & Pekka Räsänen - 2015 - Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics 28 (4):601-620.
    Citizen attitudes and opinions form an important driving force for improvements in the ethical status of farm animals in society. Hence, it is important to understand how attitudes to farm animals vary in society and what factors, mechanisms and social processes influence the development of these attitudes. In this study we examine the relative importance of socio-demographic background, animal related experiences and social-equality attitudes in the formation of attitudes to farm animals in Finland. The research is based on a nationwide (...)
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    Sustainability Matrix: Interest Groups and Ethical Theories as the Basis of Decision-Making.Markus Vinnari, Eija Vinnari & Saara Kupsala - 2017 - Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics 30 (3):349-366.
    During the past few decades, the global food system has confronted new sustainability challenges related not only to public health and the environment but also to ethical concerns over the treatment of farmed animals. However, the traditional threedimensional framework of sustainable development is ill equipped to take ethical concerns related to non-human animals into account. For instance, the interests of farmed animals are often overridden by objectives associated with social, economic or environmental sustainability, despite their vast numbers and influence on (...)
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